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8 fast-growing trees to plant for privacy


Planting trees along your boundary line is a good way "grow" yourself some privacy.

Serves us right. For years we let our neighbours' trees be the main barrier between the two households. Then they moved.

The house was sold and of course the new owners cut down all the trees, exposing us to them and them to us.

So now it's a long-overdue replanting scheme down our eastern boundary – and I want plants that will grow fast and tall enough to stop them looking into our garden from their upstairs balcony. Which means the trees have to be about three to four metres high ASAP.

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Graham’s Bush Appeal Resolved


In a small gully in South Auckland is a botanical gem, a real taonga, a fragment of the lowland podocarp-broadleaf forest that once covered the Manukau lowlands. This fragment is called Graham’s Bush and has been owned and cared for by the late Graham Cheesman and his family for the last 17 years. Thanks to….

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November 2016

LEGO Christmas tree is coming to Auckland

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The largest LEGO Christmas tree is coming to Auckland
  • Taller than a two-storey house and built from over half a million LEGO bricks, the LEGO Christmas Tree is coming to Aotea Square.

It will light up the square from Friday 25th November to Tuesday 27 December.The jaw-dropping LEGO Christmas Tree stands at over 10 metres tall, weighs 3.5 tonnes and took more than 1200 hours to build. Decorated with some distinctly Kiwi festive additions, including a life-size Santa with a surfboard, a pukeko and a kiwi, the spectacular tree will come to life each evening from 7pm with a light and sound show.

Find other Christmas events in your local area.

November 2016

Bus Tour of Auckland’s Heritage Trees
Learn about the unique history and values of some of Auckland’s finest trees in their historic settings on The Tree Council’s bus tour, part of the Auckland Heritage Festival. It will be led by Penny Cliffin, a former Senior Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Unitec, and Dr Mike Wilcox, author of Auckland’s Remarkable Urban Forest. The tour begins by looking at the Unitec Arboretum and then visiting Cornwall Park and Monte Cecilia Park. A reasonable standard of fitness is required.
Saturday 24 September 2016, 9.30am – 3pm.
Starts and finishes at Unitec, entry 3 on NW side of building 48, Carrington Rd, Pt Chevalier
Cost is $25 (members $20), children 16 and under $10.

Numbers are limited so please reserve your place by emailing
Creating privacy in a city garden
Plant a hedge to shield your garden and keep it in shape with help from the experts.
Auckland’s suburbs are increasingly built up and if you are seeking privacy for your house and garden, a tall hedge is a good option.
Shrubs such as griselinia pittosporum or corokia are popular as living screens and are a softer way to divide a garden than a fence or wall.
The down side is that the faster growing your hedge is, the more it will need trimming to keep it in shape.
Regular pruning helps invigorate hedges, encouraging them to put their energy into strong, new growth.
5th May 2016
Auckland couple at war with neighbours over peach tree
Hiring a contractor to cut down a tree is standard household business – except when the tree is in your neighbours garden.
Police agree with Flat Bush couple Iris and Chao Chang that their neighbours hired an arborist to cut down their 4.5m tall peach tree without their permission, but say there is not enough evidence or public interest to prosecute for willful damage.
The Changs say they feel let down that they cannot get justice for their damaged property, and the situation has left them $2000 out of pocket, stressed and upset.
“We are very, very upset,” said Mrs Chang. “We have been left with a stump and a broken heart.”
The couple live on Topland Drive in south-east Auckland and share a fence-line with the Shi family on Darion Place.
The Changs take pride in their trees, and were especially fond of their large Golden Peach tree which bore “delicious, sweet” fruit in the summer.
Last year, Chang gave permission for the neighbours to trim the leaves and branches that hung over their fence, but in June discovered the nine-year-old tree had been felled and just a stump remained.
He said he confronted his neighbour, Xin Shi, and his wife confronted Shi’s father on separate occasions and both men admitted they had hired a contractor to fell the tree.
Chang said he made a covert recording of the conversation, which was in Mandarin, and used it to lay a complaint with police.
Police responded to the incident and made some enquiries.
In correspondence with the Changs, a police officer said: “I am in agreeance [sic] with the complainant that the damage to the tree was caused at the directions of the suspect.
“However due to his denial a [warning] cannot be issued. Advised complainant to seek redress through civil routes should he wish to pursue further.”
Mr Chang said the couple were very distressed by the finding, as they wanted justice for their property damage.
“The tree cutter came to apologise to me after the police contacted him. We were trusting the police, and expecting the police to conduct a solid investigation to such a simple case to give us a fair result.
“They assigned police to investigate, how come the outcome turn out to be like that, with no solutions?”
When contacted by the Herald, a police spokeswoman said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the case.
“The contractor’s refusal to make a statement impacts on the available evidence. What Police ‘believe’ is not relevant.
“The issue is whether the actions are criminal and whether there is evidence available which would provide a reasonable prospect of conviction as stated in the [Solicitor-General’s Prosecution] Guidelines.”
The guidelines state that a criminal charge can be filed only if a test for prosecution can be met.
“The primary purpose of the civil law on the other hand is to provide a mechanism for solving disputes between individual people,” she said.
The neighbour anticipates that the case will eventually go to court, and told the Herald he is prepared to take that action himself.​​
NZ Herald
18th August 2016



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